Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Ladeluftkühler

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REVO LADELUFTKÜHLER FORD FIESTA ST MK8 1.5 ECOBOOST Der Revo Ladeluftkühler für den... mehr
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Der Revo Ladeluftkühler für den Ford Fiesta Mk8 verfügt über ein einzigartiges Design, dass es ihm ermöglicht, Druckabfall zu minimieren und gleichzeitig die Ladeluft zu kühlen und Leistung sowie Drehmoment zu steigern.

Der aufgeladene 4 Zylinder Motor vom Fiesta erzeugt Ansaugtemperaturen, bei denen der originale Ladeluftkühler Probleme hat mitzuhalten. Der Revo Intercooler bekämpft das, indem er statt dem OEM Teil montiert wird und die Ladedrucktemperatur um bis zu 40° senkt. Dies ermöglicht es dem Motor mehr Leistung über einen längeren Zeitraum zu produzieren.


  • Bar & Plate Core Design
  • 18.5% Larger frontal Area
  • 72.4% Increased external core volume
  • Over 40ºC Lower AIT


The Revo Intercooler was built around the simple principle of creating the largest amount of surface area possible to improve cooling efficiency. The Revo Intercooler for the Focus RS has been maximised to offer the largest possible external core volume with the stock location, improving cooling by utilising cold ambient air from the front of the vehicle.

  • 72.4% Increase in external core volume
  • 18.5% Increase in frontal surface area


The Revo intercooler uses flow-conducive geometry lines to allow a fitment of the larger cooler, while still promoting the best possible flow within the end tank. The Revo Intercooler end tanks are precision cast to eliminate turbulence and ensure the maximum amount of air can reach the core. Smoother internals allows air to flow freely and are not obstructed by welds or inefficient construction found in the standard OE intercooler. End tanks play an important part in maintaining pressure and work in harmony with the core to promote air flow.



Designed with a bar and plate core to guarantee the efficiency of heat transfer, this also minimises pressure drop as the air meets less resistance compared to that of a tube and fin alternative. The Intercooler also features louvred fins to slow ambient air flow which improves heat transfer, along with an offset internal fin design to balance surface area and resistance to minimise pressure drop.



All Revo products are designed in-house and are rigorously tested. By utilising the latest 3D printing technology, the latest CAD and CFD programs, hub dyno and Revo data acquisition software we are able to ensure our products meet the high expectations of Only The Driven. The Revo carbon intake allows the RS turbo to run more efficiently, intake a larger volume of air and minimise turbulence. This increases power and torque, especially at the top end of the rev range as highlighted during controlled dyno testing.

The Revo Focus RS Intercooler was tested on an in-house, fitted on a stock car running Revo Stage 2 software and Milltek downpipe. Comparison runs where carried out with the stock intercooler vs the Revo intercooler.



This is the main performance metric to illustrate that the Revo intercooler far exceeds the stock unit. A strong indication that the Revo intercooler is extremely resistant to heat soak and could likely continue for tens more sequential dyno runs before any intake temperature-related issues arose. The graph illustrates the increased cooling performance of the Revo intercooler vs OEM ST intercooler over all six runs. The Revo Intercooler provided a massive 34.4°C max and 12.8°C average intake air temperature reduction across the six back to back full gear dyno runs.


Pressure drop is an important factor when it comes to choosing an Intercooler. The Revo solution features custom cast end tanks to evenly distribute air over the core. This graph highlights that even with massive core size difference there is only a 0.11psi pressure drop in comparison to the stock intercooler, ensuring engine response and minimised turbo lag. You can therefore rest assure that your vehicle will drive and respond as you would expect with a standard cooler, but with the improved cooling allowing you to run harder for longer.


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